Laughter goes a long way…

DID YOU KNOW… Long before the invention of aspirin, the human body had a built-in natural pain killing  chemical: endorphins!?  Most of us will agree with the experts that laughter produces a natural feel good endorphin right? Just ask yourself if you remember feeling pain at the same time you enjoyed a fit of laughter. Other than the possibility of having broken ribs…it’s safe to say you didn’t right? Here’s a little joke to get the family chuckling around the dinner table… “Why can’t you play poker on the Sahara…? Too many Cheetahs!”

Best Couples Therapy Ever

Comedy in your blood?

Unless you have plans to become Austin’s next great stand-up comic let’s take a look at a few other ways you can help your family lighten the mood while easing their many aches and pains all while indulging in a variety of health benefits for years to come.

If your family is as active as most, you might have members in various levels of athletic pursuits, or entering an age where stress and tension are a normal part of the day, some in need of a better quality of sleep – without the use of pills or chemicals to get there.


There is a natural treatment for lowering blood pressure, repairing tissue faster, relieving fatigue while at the same time giving you better sleep, easing pain – especially lower back and sciatica, but most importantly allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends…hot tubs!

The combination of heat, buoyancy and pressure from a hot tub’s massage jets’ truly is hydro “therapy”, and has been used by physical therapy professionals for years. It’s proven to lift your spirits, coaxing you into a better frame of mind, and help your body function better with strategically placed jets throughout the design of the tub to provide a welcome massage to stress-prone areas. All of this combines to help your muscles relax, ease tension, ultimately helping to soothe sore body parts. Imagine the incredible benefits your muscles receive from a series of stretching exercises in hot water.


Hydrotherapy can be used alongside other therapies for an enhanced healing experience. Reflexology targets the muscles and over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet with high-powered jets, while aromatherapy uses a variety of scents to help you relax.

Restless Leg Syndrome? Arthritis? Bursitis? Tendinitis? Lower back pain? Stress? Sciatica? Allow us to share with you the HEALING benefits of HYDROTHERAPY through a Jacuzzi Hot Tub… #familytime #healing #reducestress